Oh gosh! It’s almost 8:30 PM and I haven’t even decided on an outfit yet! Hmm lets see, dress? nope, wore that last time I went out with friends for Rhea’s birthday. Skirt? no, not feeling the skirt today. Jeans? nah, too common. Ugh, I literally have no clothes!    

Have you ever been a victim of such confusion? Do you ever have places to be but can’t decide on what to wear? Is your closet full of clothes yet you feel like it’s half empty? I think it’s safe to say that we have all experienced that at one point in our lifetimes. So for nights like these, I try to put together an outfit that’s comfortable yet looks presentable.

For this look, I paired a simple, burgundy blouse with some printed trousers. The print on the trousers add great texture to the outfit while providing ultimate comfort. Additionally, the minimal detailing on the top of the blouse complements the entire look significantly. To finally complete the look, I threw on a pair of silver heels as they added a hint of spice to the outfit without taking much away from the overall look.

That’s it for this week’s post! Let me know what you guys think by commenting down below and don’t forget to follow my blog and social media to be notified of new posts.

Bye loves! 









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27 Responses to WEEKEND VIBES

  1. neha98blog says:

    I loveeeee it.surely gonna try it.simple & effective look

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  2. The outfit is super edgy and chic I loved it. great for weekends
    loved your posts babe

    c&s just posted https://cherriesnstrawberriesblog.wordpress.com/5-instagram-beauty-hacks-tried-and-tested-does-it-really-works can you take a look at my recent post. thank you very much.

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  3. aha! seems like gonna get a lot of ideas from here ! 😀

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  4. WH says:

    Looks great, the print on the trousers make all the difference!

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  5. Konstancja says:

    Love your pants!! XO

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  6. I honestly fell in love with the pants. Awesome look!

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  7. Love love love this look…and that plaid/checked/black and white pants is everything. Looking good.


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  8. Loved this! Loving burgundy for fall and those pants =0 in love!

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