Have you ever found yourself rummaging through your closet trying to put together an outfit that looks presentable yet gives off the idea that you didn’t put much effort into it? If you have, then you’re not alone because I definitely have those days too, where I just can’t decide what to wear. However, every time I find myself in a situation like this I follow a simple rule-pop some heels on and grab that handbag! I believe that a fine pair of heels and a statement handbag can transform any day-time look to a night-time look.

I absolutely love this outfit. The ripped jeans paired with the off-the-shoulder top gives a relaxed feel to the outfit while, the shoes and the handbag make the outfit a bit more dressy!

That’s it for this weeks post! Let me know what you guys think about the look and don’t forget to follow me for notification about new posts. Bye guys!









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  1. zeharablog says:

    Hey 🙂 Nice post. Check out and follow my blog too 🙂

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  2. Love your outfit, you look absolutely amazing💖😍😍🙌✨

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  3. vivalaViv says:

    I adore the off-the-shoulder trend and the colours of your top is fabulous!! Here’s my love for the off-the-shoulder look:

    Vivienne X

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  4. Absolutely love that top! So cute and pairing it with ripped jeans is perfect.


  5. Love the outfit! I can totally relate to trying to look like you didn’t put much effort in by still looking stylish! X


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  6. i love that off shoulder top. you look amazing. great post

    c&s just posted can you take a look at my recent post. it would mean a lot to me. thank you

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  7. This outfit is so lush!!!

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  8. danetigress says:

    Nice post and nice handbag!

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  9. Steve says:

    So beautiful….

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  10. Nice Way.Look Beautiful.
    Post More Like That.

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  11. Daal says:

    Doesn’t hurt that you’re lovely too!

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  12. ughmango says:

    Love this look, I really like your style in general!

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